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Tracey ("Tracer X") has been successfully filling a growing need for furnished housing for over 19 years.

Financial Challenges

As a 30ish Gen X gal in the early 2000s, I struggled to make those overwhelming monthly payments on my college, grad-school and mortgage debt.  I found myself working 8-5 at my day job, then waiting tables from 6 to 10 pm at night to pay my debts even though I had an MBA. I needed more revenue!

Financial Freedom :-) 

Renting out furnished rooms provided revenue streams to fund my dreams!!

Exchanging furnished rooms for revenue enabled me to become debt-free, fund renovations that increased the equity in my home, and become self-employed doing what I love!

What would YOU like to accomplish if you had revenue streams to fund YOUR DREAMS?

Growth & Contribution

Bonus! I felt great about providing value to awesome people who NEEDED my hospitality while:

relocating to the area

transitioning through divorce

completing summer internships

working an extended work-travel assignment

awaiting new home construction to be completed

My Mission

My goal is to pay it forward by helping other HOME OWNERS do the same.

Why do YOU need more revenue? If you provide the WHY, I'll provide the HOW :-)

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